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Your responses came off as arrogant, smug, and self righteous.  You know better than everyone else in this forum discussing concerns/issues.  Rather than accept the premise of any of the concerns, you explained why they were wrong or attempted to justify your decision to make a public website.  

Everyone else is wrong, and you are right.  Even the name you chose for your LCC calls for "transparency".   In my opinion, people like you are dangerous and should not have a clearance.

I'd wish you "good luck" in the suitability review that is sure to come your way, but the sarcasm might go unnoticed.  

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I can certainly appreciate the irony of a guy who's started a website that essentially exists to assess coworkers' interpersonal skills coming off as at best lacking any interpersonal skills whatsoever in this Q&A. I didn't see a direct, unequivocal answer to a single question asked here. It was all defensive attempts to deflect criticism back on the people asking the questions or outright evasiveness. Not exactly something that inspires confidence, I don't think.
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It's clear from the purpose he describes for creating the site that he believes he's losing assignments to people he thinks are assholes. This little exercise demonstrated pretty well why he can't get a job.
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Instead of whining about others, why not try to figure out what can be done to ensure that the Department actually does something about the sociopaths out there to compel better behavior? It's an acknowledged problem, but no one seems to care about actually getting some practical solutions in place. 
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