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Aren't there serious foreign intelligence gathering concerns with this site?

Let's assume it's trivially easy for a foreign government to gain access to the site--either hack in or have someone use their state.gov account to legitimately register.

They're going to have a wealth of information on FSOs, including all their quirks and foibles. Someone is complaining about their manager in Country X whom everyone hates, sometimes drinks too much, and is just waiting for retirement. Wow, now foreign intelligence agency has a shiny new target. Here's a someone we can ply with prestige, booze, and the promise of a nice "retirement package" to get information.

There's a reason we shred phone directories overseas and don't let local staff spend hours pouring over EERs. There are real security reasons to keep our dirty laundry off the public-facing internet. (And yes, we need to consider this website public-facing, even if there's a password to access it.)
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I would argue that this type of information is already known to a large extent at post so the site is not revealing anything new.  The other point I would make is that if this type of behavior exists, and you appear to be arguing that it does, and this behavior is exploitable by foreign intelligence services,  why is the Department allowing it to happen in the first place?
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