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To create an account on CorridorRep.com requires the use of a state.gov email address.  This ensures all users of the system are affiliated with the Department of State.  By integrating a Federal IT system in his validation process, he is using a Federal IT system for personal gain and/or promotion of his private LLC business.  

Isn't Mr. Perry concerned that this is something that can (some would say "should") result in his termination of employment with the Department?  Is this idea really worth losing his pension over?  
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Some ideas are worth the risk.  Was this one?  I guess only time will tell.  I will say that I never let the idea of some future monthly payment from the USG determine what I think is right.  

I also disagree that the system integrates a federal IT system and that the site is for personal gain.
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In sum, you are a complete idiot.
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The OP has big words.... which he doesn't seem to fully grasp. If there's no business model, how is there any private gain? (I'm not saying it's a good idea, just that don't you need to have a profit motive involved for misuse to occur?)
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I don't know.  I think the OP has a valid point.  Gain doesn't need to be profit.  This guy setup a business, and that business is using our email.  He didn't have to spend a lot of money to check if his subscribers work for State because he incorporated our email.

Have you read the terms of use of the website?  "a PayPal button will be available to accept donations for site maintenance."  -- sounds like a plan for monetary gain. 

"At any time, our website can provide URLs or links to other websites, for advertising purposes or other use."  -- Advertising and URL links?  Sounds like gain. 

He might operate at a loss, but that doesn't mean there isn't income.

And the content itself becomes the property of the website... so the LLC is gaining data which it can use as it sees fit.  The site's privacy policy does say, "At this time, Transparency in Government Performance, LLC does not anticipate the sale, transfer, or otherwise shared use of the information any user inputs into our website", but I find the use of the qualifier "at this time" dubious.
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Folks, I realize that some people have strong feelings about this, but let's avoid the name calling. I expect better from our smartest and our brightest even in disagreement. 

Originally Posted by Unregistered
In sum, you are a complete idiot.
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