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domani spero

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I am very much concerned about the security of such a site, which would like to list the names, prior service locations, and possibly even future service locations, of our personnel as well as whatever other information a disgruntled employee wants to post.  The internet is not exactly a secure location, and putting this information out there potentially puts lives at risk.  How do you intend to mitigate that risk?  Also, did you clear this with Legal before you posted it?  Did you clear it with DS?  Did you discuss it with your supervisor?  

I agree, we all want candid feedback on performance and to avoid possibly toxic coworkers, but I remain unconvinced that the internet is the correct location to hash that out.
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I can understand your concern about listing previous assignments but none of this information is private or particularly sensitive.  You can find it in Yahoo groups, LinkedIn accounts, the Department GAL, etc.   I am not sure how the site could disclose a future assignment.
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I also think it is a bit of an exaggeration to state it will be putting people's lives at risk.  Can you explain how you think this would happen?

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Not the original poster, but the issue with information shared on the site (versus LinkedIn, et al) is one of consent: if I list my current post on my LinkedIn page, it's because I've chosen to share that information. You can rightfully state that in most cases it's not sensitive information; however, you can't directly analogize your site and social media sites where one has control of their own information.
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