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domani spero

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CorridorRep.com's Mark D. Perry says "I am open to any and all suggestions for improving the site.  I want it to be something useful and if someone has an idea to help along those lines, I am all ears."

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How about a public section which marries OIG reports (already public) with other useful info? 
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Perhaps, I put this in the wrong place?

I have a few thoughts for you.

First, do you think that FSOs will be shy about registering for such a site, but perhaps EFMs and, maybe, FSNs would be less worried? It may be counter to your original intent, but all too often FSOs manage well to only those who can impact their career, so this could give them something more to think about. 

Second, people are going to be scared of this site for a variety of reasons. To help get the ball rolling, I do have some suggestions. Allow anyone who is registered to control their profile. By doing so, you could allow them to hide their actual reviews from others, if they so choose. But, do not allow them to hide the number count of how many reviews nor their star rating. This would definitely encourage people to register. It would also give them much needed "real" feedback. It would allow those with good reviews to allow those to be shown. It would still indicate a poor performer by showing the number of stars and reviews received. This would give others the "heads-up" that they should be asking more questions about this person before working for him/her or before hiring him/her. But, it would not allow slanderous, unchecked, axe-grinding to occur so freely and blindly.
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